Concrete Ties

Concrete Ties

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Our concrete tie repair products were developed by WVCO to answer the railroad industry’s need for an outstanding concrete tie and fastener repair products. These products are time tested, meets railroad specifications, allowing for quick repair of damaged concrete ties and to get trains back on track as soon as possible.

WVCO Concrete Repair Products


SPIKEFAST® CTR-100 is specifically designed to remediate railseats on concrete ties. This durable, 100% solids polyurethane is designed to adhere, seal, and extend the service life of a railseat. CTR-100 is dispensed from equipment engineered for efficient metering/mixing, presssure and temperature control. CTR-100 can be applied in a wide range of outdoor conditions.



SPIKEFAST® SRP-210 is specifically designed to fill worn metal shoulders and extend the service life of concrete railroad ties. SRP-210 is easy to apply and is cast between a metal shim and worn metal shoulder. Restoring the metal shoulder with SRP-210 is an effective method to maintain proper rail gauge, while minimizing tie maintenance time and tie replacement expenses.


FastPatch LV

FastPatch LV is designed to have an ultra-low viscosity and cures quickly at cold temperatures. It is a tough, zero VOC, two-component urethane that sets quickly, allowing fast return to service. FastPatch LV can be used in applications that require a fast-setting, high-modulus material.

FastPatch LV TDS [PDF]

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