High Production

High Production

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Our High Production Tie-Plugging equipment improves efficiency and maximizes production rates per shift. Our product is reloaded with Reusable Totes or in large mounted sealed containers to supply a dispensing system for continuous production. Safety and minimal maintenance requirements are two key features at the core of our innovative tie-plugging chassis.

WVCO Dispensers for High Production


The WV-212-N High Production System designed with Nordco Inc. was centered around a safe, easy to operate system with 2-dispensing guns. With minimal maintenance required and high production rates achieved, this system is a workhorse for the industry.


The WV-212-S High Production System was designed with Sperling Railway Service, Inc. with a focus on a safety, extra crew carrying capacity, and easy to operate chassis with crawlers on either side. The system has 2-dispensing guns combined with minimal maintenance required to run this innovative system.

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