Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Bridge Deck Waterproofing

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POLYQuik® is a fast-setting, spray applied, 100% solids polymer product for protection and waterproofing applications. Its unique properties provide the best protection against corrosion and water damage for infrastructure such as rail bridges, rail cars, and other metal or concrete structures. POLYQuik® is a can be applied in temperatures down to -20°F without effect on cure time or performance, and applied at a specified thickness in one continuous application. Whether the surface is horizontal, vertical, or overhead, POLYQuik® can protect these areas in a single application.

WVCO Bridge Deck Waterproofing Products

POLYQuik® P-480

POLYQuik® P-480 forms a virtually impenetrable barrier over the coated surface. P-480 is perfect for waterproofing or protecting surfaces from corrosion such as rust or chemical attack. It is resistant to many chemicals, including hydrogen sulfide, acids, and hydrocarbon solvents.

PolyQUIK P-480 TDS [PDF]

POLYQuik® P-700

POLYQuik® P-700 is a highly elastic, waterproof protective coating for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is specially formulated for excellent overcoat adhesion to geotextiles and old coatings with minimal surface preparation. Use POLYQuik® P-700 where regular dynamic movement is expected and it can receive a broadcast of aggregate for slip resistance on horizontal surfaces.

POLYQuik P-700 TDS [PDF]

PolyPrime Primer

PolyPrime is designed for easy application at a wide range of temperatures and fast recoat times with our products. PolyPrime can be brush/roller/spray applied and will ensure your repair area has an excellent bond.

PolyPrime Primer TDS [PDF]

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