Bearing Pad Repair

Bearing Pad Repair

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Bridge bearing pads are a constant maintenance and potential emergency issue for the maintenance crews. Extreme stresses on the columns that transfers directly from the steel to the concrete bearing pads result in early wear and disintegration of the concrete pads. The railroad industry has been searching for a suitable “shock absorber” type system that will mediate the stresses between the steel and the concrete. FastPatch® has proven to be a solution that performs exceptionally well in this tough environment. Due to its fast cure time and installation time, bearing pads are quickly repaired within short breaks of rail traffic.

WVCO Bearing Pad Repair Products

FastPatch 5000

A flexible and tough concrete repair composite with excellent physical properties. It is a 100% solids, 2-component urethane designed to perform in installations where 5,000 psi concrete is specified. Its toughness, resilient, and unique combination of properties makes it impervious to freeze-thaw degradation while offering excellent adhesion to substrates. Repaired are often re-opened to traffic within an hour or less.

FastPatch 5000 TDS [PDF]


A rapid setting, 2-component, self-leveling joint sealant with excellent adhesion and durability. EJC-50 has demonstrated superior long term performance for joint sealant applications with moderate movement requirements.


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