WVCO Railroad Solutions is proud to announce the celebration of 25 years of innovation and service to the railway industry. 

“As we reach our 25th year in business, our commitment to service and innovation to the Railroad industry is how it all started,” according to John Murray, President and CEO of The Willamette Valley Company (WVCO).  “The creation of SpikeFast® began with a simple question I asked to a group of Railroaders, ‘What problem do you deal with every day that no one has solved?’  ‘Spike kill,’ was the answer.  We returned a few months later with what we called “SpikeFast” and the rest is history.”

SpikeFast® is a revolutionary remediation product for wood & composite ties that holds gauge, seals wood and prevents rot, and stops spike kill. This “liquid wood” quickly became the industry standard, outperforming wood plugs and air-filled foams in both lateral resistance and pullout resistance in performance tests commissioned by Class 1 railroads. 

“We celebrate not just our accomplishments, but the relationships we’ve built along the way,” says Rob Loomis, Vice President of the Performance Products Division of WVCO. “Our commitment to customer service and our dedication to innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s what sets us apart. This anniversary is a testament to our team’s unwavering focus on excellence and continuous innovation.”

SpikeFast® was introduced to the railroad industry in 1999 and has been WVCO Railroad Solutions’ best-selling product for 25 years. After the launch of SpikeFast®, we continued to innovate, updating, and adding to the SpikeFast® line and developing products and equipment for concrete ties, railcars, light rail, structures, and dispensers.

“We’re grateful for the trust and loyalty our customers have shown us over the years, and we’re excited to continue serving the industry with the same dedication and passion for many more years,” adds Lee Nall, Director of Railroad in WVCO’s Performance Products Division.

“We’re proud to reflect on a quarter-century of groundbreaking innovation and unwavering dedication to service, made possible by our incredible team and our customers, says Loomis. “It’s been an amazing journey, and we’re excited to continue pushing boundaries and serving the railroad industry with integrity for years to come,”  adds Nall.

Watch a recent application of SpikeFast® here: Click for video

SpikeFast® ES-50 Wood Tie Remediation from Performance Products Division on Vimeo.