POLYQuik® P-480

POLYQuik P-480 has the ability to coat, seal and waterproof anything made of concrete, wood or metal. This two-component, polyurea formula is sprayable, which makes it extremely easy to apply. P-480 can be used on a variety of applications, including wood, metal and concrete. Once sprayed it sets in seconds and forms a virtually impenetrable barrier over the coated surface. P-480 is perfect for waterproofing or protecting from corrosion. It is resistant to many chemicals, including hydrogen sulfide, acids and hydrocarbon solvents. The POLYQuik Division of WVCO is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). As an OEM, the division has successfully developed robotic equipment for automated application of P-480. Depending on your needs, the product can be applied in the field or in the plant.

POLYQuik® P-690

P-690 is the ideal product for coating and sealing outdoors or when you are in need of a color-stable coating. With its excellent weathering characteristics and impact resistance, you can count on outstanding protection that will last and last. P-690 is a two-component polyurea that has been specifically designed for floor coatings. The product can be used on multiple surfaces, including concrete, wood and metal. It performs well in extreme climates and has a high level of impact abrasion resistance, making it ideal for outdoor walkways. P-690 is very easy to use and can be rolled, brushed or sprayed over the surface you’d like protected.

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