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What is the best solution to embedded rail? What material has the highest electrical isolation properties? How can track noise and vibrations be reduced? Learn more about our custom rail solutions.

Solutions for Light Rail


WVCO has created a wide variety of custom products and services for the light rail and transit industry.

    1. Meter Dispensed HPRE-MD:   FastPatch HPRE MD
      • Specifically designed and formulated for application through a WV-651 Metering System to maximize production with minimal labor and less waste.
    2. Bucket Kit HPRE (0.5 CF Kit):   FastPatch HPRE
      • Tailored formulation to allow for bucket mixing and application in targeted areas.

WV-651 Metering System

Our state-of-the-art metering system dispenses aggregate-filled fluids to provide maximum efficiency and product quality.

WV-651 Equipment_PDS

Custom Solutions

WVCO is more than just a provider of equipment and products—we’re innovators. Let us know the challenges you’re experiencing and we’ll work with you to create a solution custom-tailored to meet your needs.

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