High Production Systems

1) Nordco Tie-Plugging Chassis

For high production rail gangs, Willamette Valley Company's Railroad Division has partnered with Nordco Inc., another innovative industry leader, to provide a tie hole-plugging chassis that emphasizes safety, high production rates and operator ease.

The Nordco Tie-Plugging Chassis is a high-production, two-operator plugger able to fill spike holes while operating in rail or regauging gangs.

Production rates of up to 25 tie plates per minute (at four holes per plate) are consistently achievable and spike-hole plugging can be performed either with the rail removed or in place.

The chassis is equipped with two independent dispensing applicators fitted with disposable mixing tubes and supported by a jib boom, all designed to minimize downtime and operator fatigue.

On-board chemical storage uses two 200-gallon reusable stainless steel tote tanks. Empty tote tanks are refilled and sent back to the job-site, eliminating container disposal.

To ensure the proper mix of component chemicals reliably and without hassle, the chassis utilizes a metering system developed by Willamette Valley Company. These dispensing systems are consistent in all Willamette Valley Company's Railroad Division applications, excluding the handheld canister system. Willamette Valley Company currently has over 150 of these metering and dispensing units in use in rugged industrial applications across the U.S.

System Features:

  • Includes on-board chemical storage.
  • Utilizes two independent dispensing applicators to minimize downtime.
  • Emphasizes safety, high production rates and operator ease.
  • Minimal maintenance and clean up.


2) Sperling Large Tie-Plugging Chassis

Willamette Valley Company's Railroad Division, in partnership with Sperling Railway Services, Inc., offers a large tie-plugging chassis for use in single-rail gangs with ties removed. There are crawlers on either side of the chassis to allow working both sides of the rail, without having to turn the machine. A long single crawler with air suspension allows for smooth movement. The chassis is large enough for storage of bulk chemicals and seats six people.

The Sperling Chassis has been designed to work fluidly with SpikeFast products for easy and efficient application.

System Features:

  • Large storage for bulk chemicals.
  • Seats up to six people.
  • Crawlers on either side of the chassis.
  • Minimal maintenance and clean up.

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