Handheld Systems

Manual or Cordless Handheld Canister System

The handheld canister system was designed to meet the demand for a simple and portable application system. The handheld applicator is ideal for remote locations or critical areas where holding gauge is essential and high-production equipment is not available. One canister will fill approximately 15 spike holes, making it the easy solution for small bridges, frogs or switches.

Handheld canisters dispense product by using a manual applicator or cordless system. Both applicators are equipped with a shoulder strap for increased safety. The cordless applicator comes with one rechargeable 12v battery and a battery charger.

As with all application systems, no harsh VOC containing solvents or foaming agents are required.

System Features:

  • Handheld canister systems include strap for comfort and increased safety.
  • Manual or cordless system to choose from.
  • Cordless systems comes with rechargeable 12v battery and charger.
  • Perfect for remote locations or when high-production application systems are not available.

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